The Detail Hunter, 2012-present

How might immersion in a (new) culture influence the way we move in and interact with our immediate environment? Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof’s bicultural background, in addition to the enriching way of belonging to two cultures, gives the artist a long-term sense of existing somewhere in between. When she moved to Rotterdam at the age of 18, a feeling of unaccustomedness prevailed: unfamiliar customs, inimitable traditions and a very different climate.
To get a grip on her new, close surroundings, Sarah started photographing that which surrounded her, in a somewhat detached manner. At first, she did so with her mobile phone and later she used an analogue point-and-shoot camera, which allowed her to go unnoticed by the amateurish look of the equipment. These photographic recordings gave her the space to explore and understand her fledgling, unfamiliar place in the Netherlands, as opposed to the defined, comfortable position she had acquired and formed in Spain.

The archive of these observations The Detail Hunter is an important source for new work from which the artist draws ideas and images to this day.

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