An Unforeseen Encounter, 2021-2022
For a while I have been collecting ordinary objects (e.g. plastic bags, coloured fruit nets and cardboards, napkins, etc). For this project I lay my focus on the plastic bag, collected from local markets, in which no logo is visible. I am attracted by their features (colour, materiality, shape and sound) as well as by their unpredictable moves led by the wind.
Another important reason of why I collect them is that they serve as a tangible representation of a moment in time and a specific place. They are ephemeral and respectively endangered to disappear as a result of their material component and function; as well as because of environmental reasons. These objects become of what is understood as contemporary archaeology.
A shift in my way of working appeared as a result of the pandemic. I started to work in a more intuitive way. This alteration brought new perspectives towards my relation with my collected objects, in specific with the plastic bag. What occurs between the shift of their initial function and the moment they lose it?
With this project, I attempt to create unusual ways in which the viewer experiences the plastic bag. The performative dialogue between my body and the plastic bag result in visually serene body-improvisations, an ode to revalue their mundane significance.
Featured on Mister Motley, read here

Site-specific installation Prospects @ Art Rotterdam

Site-specific installation @ Daily Practice | © beeldsmits

Site-specific installation @ Daily Practice
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