Madrid 1993                                                                                                                                      working and living in Rotterdam



My work originates from scenes of unconscious interaction in everyday life, between people, places, and things. Within these scenes, I set out to capture ‘marginal’ aspects of our society, such as the ways people present themselves in public space and the traces they leave behind. Attending to the margins, I am interested in focussing on the effect of time and routine on human behaviour, revealed in moments of fragility and symbolism.


I was born in 1993 in Madrid,Spain, to a Spanish father and a Dutch mother. In 2012, I moved to Rotterdam for my studies at the WDKA, graduating in 2016 with 'Looking Without Seeing', a video and sound installation. My two different cultural backgrounds have always fascinated me and became the fuel for my work. Since my departure to the Netherlands, I have placed extra attention towards recording my daily life, both in the Netherlands and in Spain, intuitively looking to deduce the cultural differences and similarities between the two countries.


Since 2012, I have documented this process in my visual diary thedetailhunter, which works as an accessible tool to collect and share my observations and thoughts with the viewer.







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