We take part in events at which we are not physically present, 2019 on going


An on going research in which I question the role of distance in times of globalization.


Distance to my homecountry

Distance to my mother tongue

Distance to my family

Distance to the subjects I photograph


I grew up bilingually in Spain, to a Spanish father and a dutch mother. When I was eighteen, I moved alone to The Netherlands to study. I still live here. Since my departure, I have felt more identified with the Spanish culture, probably as a hold. With the years my mother tongue (Spanish) has worsened. How is it to cope with a bicultural identity? How do rational choices compete against emotional ones, like the feeling of belonging? With time, I understood how distance has played an important role in my life. I think it is an urgent subject about which we do not often talk.




Between Rotterdam and Madrid, since 2012

In order to gather more opinions upon the concept of distance I asked people to answer the question: What does distance mean to you?

Stills from video, first draft click here

Installation shots at De Zure Bom